Chapter 14. Of Saving Faith

Read Chapter 14(Of Saving Faith) of the Westminster Confession of Faith

1. The grace of faith, whereby the elect are enabled to believe to the saving of their souls,1is the work of the Spirit of Christ in their hearts;2and is ordinarily wrought by the ministry of the Word:3by which also, and by the administration of the sacraments, and prayer, it is increased and strengthened.4

2. By this faith, a Christian believeth to be true whatsoever is revealed in the Word, for the authority of God Himself speaking therein;5and acteth differently upon that which each particular passage thereof containeth; yielding obedience to the commands,6trembling at the threatenings,7and embracing the promises of God for this life, and that which is to come.8But the principal acts of saving faith are accepting, receiving, and resting upon Christ alone for justification, sanctification, and eternal life, by virtue of the covenant of grace.9

3. This faith is different in degrees, weak or strong;10may be often and many ways assailed, and weakened, but gets the victory;11growing up in many to the attainment of a full assurance through Christ,12who is both the author and finisher of our faith.13