Chapter 15. ORIGINAL SIN

Read Chapter 15(ORIGINAL SIN) of the Belgic Confession

We believe that by the disobedience of Adam original sin has spread throughout the whole human race.1It is a corruption of the entire nature of man2and a hereditary evil which infects even infants in their mother’s womb.3As a root it produces in man all sorts of sin. It is, therefore, so vile and abominable in the sight of God that it is sufficient to condemn the human race.4It is not abolished nor eradicated even by baptism, for sin continually streams forth like water welling up from this woeful source.5Yet, in spite of all this, original sin is not imputed to the children of God to their condemnation but by His grace and mercy is forgiven them.6This does not mean that the believers may sleep peacefully in their sin, but that the awareness of this corruption may make them often groan as they eagerly wait to be delivered from this body of death.

In this regard we reject the error of the Pelagians, who say that this sin is only a matter of imitation.